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Used Singular Sound BeatBuddy BeatBuddy Mini

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Used BeatBuddy Mini Personal Drummer

The BeatBuddy MINI is a jamming tool that provides music students a partner in crime to learn and experiment with hundreds of styles. It’s like a real drummer, but patient.

Every successful musician knows timing is key to being able to play with others and to convey the emotion of a genre. However, the rhythm of each style of music is more nuanced than any metronome could ever express, which is why the MINI is a dynamic educational tool, helping students not only intellectually understand the music but feel it, too.

Once students’ rhythm is innate, the MINI becomes their improvisational partner, as they take the leap into making music their own.

With a visual metronome, authentic sound, and full control of the beat, emerging rock stars will be empowered to take risks and explore genres without fear, opening their mind to musical worlds that before were only possible with a patient human drummer.

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