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Used Fender BXR 300C Bass Combo

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Used Fender BXR 300C Bass Combo 

-Everything works



Power output
Rated load impedance Distortion at rated power Damping factor, at 4 Ohms Power bandwidth
Input sensitivity
Input impedance
Slew factor
Signal to noise ratio DELTACOMPTM range

Input impedance:

Sensitivity: Volume at max., enhance buttons out, all equalization

controls at 12 o'clock, power amp at 300 Watts, 4 ohms

Equalization range: Enhance:

Bass: Treble: Mid:


Overall signal to noise ratio, volume at min.,


BXR 300R

Width (rack ears installed) Width (without rack ears) Height

-95 dB below rated output

19 inches
17 inches 3.5inches 10.125inches 19 lbs.

21-7/8inches 29-11/16inches 15-5/8inches 78lbs.

1 -15" Fender Special
Design (part number 027577)


Width Height Depth Weight Speaker

BXR 300C

A product of:


300 Watts
4 Ohms
Less than .05%
Greater than 100
20 Hz - 20 kHz
1.33 volt R.M.S.
>10k Ohms
Greater than 1
-100 dB Re/300 Watts

20 dB

Input 1 > 100k Ohms Input 2 > 800k Ohms

Input 1 < 10mV Input 2 < 20mV

Low +9dB at 80 High +12dB at 5kHz.

+/- 14dB at 40 Hz.
+/- 17dB at 5kHz.
+/- 20 dB at 150 Hz through 4kHz.

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