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Used Fender 40th Anniversary Mexican Standard Stratocaster (Modified) with Case

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Used 1994 Fender 40th Anniversary Mexican Standard Strat, modified with EMG's and Floyd Rose Trem*

* The bridge has issues

- Nice neck
- Body is very clean
- Very little fret-wear
- EMG active pickup set (model unknown)

* The Floyd Rose modification done to this guitar is not the best quality.  The studs installed for the Floyd are loose and have cracked the body next to the pickup cavity route (see photos).  The nut installation took part of the headstock wood around the original nut to make way for the locking nut (see photos).  Schaller tuners were installed without drilling new holes and screws (see photos).  The good news is that there are some options: 

(1) Install a standard strat bridge and leave the locking nut 
(2) Fill the Floyd stud holes with wood/epoxy & re-drill the holes

These repairs could be done by us if you are interested.  The second option is time-consuming and expensive, but simply replacing the bridge would only take a couple of days to a week for ordering the parts and we would be more than happy to set the guitar up to play very well for the cost of the bridge and set-up.

You can purchase this guitar for just $349.99 plus $45.00 for shipping and handling to anywhere in the continental United States.

If you want to learn more about this item, please call us at (563)-583-8271 today!

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