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Renkus-Heinz X24A Loudspeaker Controller


  • 14999

This item came out of a theater and spent its life in a rack. The X12A, X14A and X24A use advanced electronic circuitry to optimize the overall performance of their associated loudspeakers while protecting them from overload damage. The X12A is a single channel 2-way controller designed for use with two-way loudspeakers such as the SR and TRC Complex Conic loudspeaker systems or with 3- way CoEntrant loudspeakers set up for bi-amping with built-in mid/high crossovers.The X-24A is a dual channel version of the X12A intended for use with the same loudspeakers in stereo systems. The X-14A is a single channel 4-way controller designed for use with 3-way loudspeaker systems or in 2-way and    3-way systems that also have subwoofers. All three controllers utilize individual crossover, response equalization/delay and protection modules to provide 3rd or 4th order electronic crossovers, preset parametric equalizers to smooth and extend the loudspeaker's frequency response and sophisticated loudspeaker protection circuitry. When needed, signal (time) alignment is also provided. These modules are plug-in to allow the controller to be easily reconfigured for use with other loudspeaker systems.

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