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Lightcraft 860 RM Dual Purpose Relay

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Used Lightcraft 869RM Dual Purpose Relay

Description from Vintage Nightclub Lighting:

This is a Lightcraft 860 RM Dual Purpose Relay. Unit can be controlled by any of the Lightcraft controllers as a relay pack or run independently. When it runs as a relay controlled by an external controller it is triggered by the 6 pin DIN input. When it runs independently is works as a chase controller triggered via the internal microphone. Unit also features an adjustment knob for the microphone sensitivity. Each output channel has 2 outlets and individual fuse protection. In addition channel 4 has a special switch for strobe lights. When the switch is activated it prevents surges on the channel which can sometimes be caused from the surge from the strobe discharging and charging. Pack also has an 1/4" input for a foot pedal switch. Each channel has a capacity of 600 watts ant the total capacity is 2400 watts for the unit. Unit is made in the United States.

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